Whitney Behind the Wheel Kinda Makes Me Fear for My Life and the Lives of Hundreds of Thousands of Others




2 important things to note.  (1) Whitney is about the drive while she’s in LA and I’m betting she’s about to hit 4 people, pop one tire, slam into 2 guard-rails, and spill her coffee all over her lap.  (2) Who knew that Whitney had a bum-bum to show off?  I didn’t think Whitney had it in her.  I mean, I guess it makes sense, sort of, because Lauren Conrad waited a few episodes to show off her mustache, so I guess it’s normal that Whitney would wait a few episodes to show off her ass.  Circle of life, people, circle of life.

As a sidenote, Whitney needs a haircut of some kind.  The rolled out of bed look doesn’t work for her.  And tell her to give LC back her “name necklace.”  What was she thinkinK?

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