Well Look What the Scripted Cat Dragged In!


I guess there’s no reason to watch the next episode of The City because the photo above is showing that Whitney and Ozzy Bobby are still together.  I’m going to take it an assumption further.  It looks like these two are married.  It looks like Ozzy Bobby is impregnating Whitney as they walk out from STK in LA.  It looks like Whitney is 4 centimeters dilated and Ozzy Bobby is mouthing the words to ask me to be the Godfather of their bastard child.  I hope Sleepy Time Allie is the Godmother.

Anycowbell, Whitney was out celebrating her 24th birthday.  Ah, I remember the days of being 24.  I had just got off the Santa Maria, hi-fived Columbus, and signed my name on Ellis Island.  It may not have happened in that order, but that’s what I recall.  Good day.

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