It’s Just Like an Episode of “The City.” Olivia Palermo and Whitney Port Don’t Talk to Each Other.


Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo were both subconsciously listening to Kelly Cutrone by wearing almost all black while attending the Mercedes Benz IMG New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 event in Bryant Park (NYC) the other day.  Similar to an actual episode of “The City” it is rumored that while both were at the same shows, conversations between the two were almost nonexistent, which is very odd to me as you would assume both would have so many insightful things to say.

In other random Whitey Port news, it’s being drunkenly reported that Whito-Palooza is now dating Ben Nemtin, the dude from MTV’s other “reality show” The Buried Life.

Check out other pictures of Olivia and Whitney during Fashion Week below.  It’s amazing that Olivia can keep her head up.

olivia-palermo-2010 whitney-port olivia-palermo-2-2010 whitney-port-2-2010

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