I Always Knew Whitney Port Was a Nazi



After working for Lisa Loveless and Blessed Mother Kelly Cutrone, it was only a matter of time before Whitney turned into a full fledged Nazi.  Hey oh!  Sadly, this is the most interesting thing I can say about Whitney.  What am I thinkinK?

Whitney Port, sporting some aqua blue spandex, hailed a cab in chilly NYC yesterday.  Yup, she was.  Whitney is in New York City to film scenes for upcoming crapisode of “The City” before she leaves again for LA.  At last stalking, the scenes she filmed were in Greenwich Village in the snow.  So, apparently we’ll be looking for an episode where Whitney is put into a full body cast after trying to walk on snow.

I’m pissed off that I never see Whitney anywhere in the city….and I look….all the time.  Sometimes as I’m walking I just yell, “Whitney?!! F’n answer me! Now!”  Surprisingly that really clears out the crosswalk.

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