What Has Tyra Done!?!

What has Tyra started!?! It seems like everywhere I turn there is another celebrity that has the official Tyra Banks hairdo. It’s even crept its way into poor little Suri Cruise and her den mother, Tom Cruise. I don’t understand it. Maybe I’m not supposed to understand it. Maybe it’s just over my head. Regardless I’m tired of seeing all these Tyrabots roaming the streets and on the cover of magazines. It starts with the Tyra cut and then next thing you everyone is “smiling with their eyes” and “acting hoochie, but making it fashion.” What will become of Tyra? Will she just disappear into a crowd of bangs? Wait, is that her plan? And, more importantly, why is everyone ashamed of their foreheads? They’ll get out of a limo airing out their “gentleman greeter” while the paparazzi snaps pictures of it, but they’re careful to cover up their foreheads. Unless they have vagina’s on their forehead there really is no reason to cover it. Let it breathe! Air it out! Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, Tyra please stop mass producing Tyrabots. Thanks.
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