What a Surprise, Tyra Stars in Her Own Stalker Trial!




I would love it if the Tyra Banks stalker trial was the same length as the original OJ Simpson trial, was televised all the live-long day, and there was a recap of the days events before, during, and after America’s Next Top Model.  These pictures were snapped up of Tyra as she exited her very own stalker trial right here in New York City.  If I were there I would have tossed a net over her head as she walked out of the courthouse just to scare the ass off of her.

According to EW, Tyra testified saying….actually wait a second.  Before I get into the quote, I would like to say that Tyra is looking slim, which is nice to see.  Moving on, Tyra stated, “I was about to leave, and a bunch of people from my staff were like, ‘Stop, no, you can’t leave!'” Tyra continued, “I know I have fans, but I’ve never in my entire career had my staff react this way.”

What in the holy hell does the line of “I know I have fans” have anything to do with this?  Ba da ba ba ba, I’m lovin’ it.  She should have said, “I have a talk show, a modeling career, two spin-off reality shows, and America’s Next Top Model, but I’ve never in my entire career, which has been a career of being the most successful model in history (and most successful person in the world), had my staff react this way.”

I kinda wish I was the stalker.  Here’s why.  When Tyra was testifying I would have jumped up and shouted, “I was just rooting for you, we were all rooting for you!  When my mother stalked me like this it was because she loved me!  I have never stalked a celebrity like this before in my life! Learn something from this! Go home and learn something from this!”  End scene.


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