Weeeeeeeeee! QVC!

Ba da ba ba ba I’m lovin’ it! What’s black and white and red all over? A Clay Aiken hugging a Tyra Banks, but of course! As a sidenote, the answer to that joke could also be “A freckled Lindsay Lohan dry-humping a skunk.” Just in case you were wondering. Anyway, Clay Aiken and Tyra Banks were embracing each other for a impromptu photoshoot. Clearly, Clay has found his lobster. Clay Aiken is going to be pushing the crap out of his new CD on QVC this coming Monday. What a treat. His CD is titled, “On My Way Here,” but he might as well just title his CD with what he’s really going after, “I’m Selling Directly to My Middle America White Trash Trailer Park Fans By Going on QVC Where They Can Also Purchase Rain Coats for Their Cats.” Sure it’s a little long, but I’m sure they can wrap that title around the front and back of the CD.

Clay has said, “Starting my career on national, live television, it seems fitting to be unveiling my new album live on QVC.” Hopefully when he gets there they can perm his hair or something. I want him looking like Little Orphan Annie while he’s selling.

No joke when I first saw this picture I was thinking, “I didn’t know that Tyra Banks was that close of friends with that red headed chick from Sex and the City.” Then I took a closer look. Then I poured bleach in my eyes.

Thanks, Kasey, for the heads up.

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