Tyra’s Losing Modeling Contracts Because She’s Forgetting How to Model, Not Because Celebrities Are Taking Them. There, I Said It!

Sometimes I put everything I want to say in my blog title, you know, for sport. I can’t get enough Tyra I don’t care that her ass is saturating the market. More Tyra please. This time around Tyra is shooting Italian Vogue’s “Black Issue” around NYC because, clearly, nothing is more black and Italian quite like the streets of NYC? Perhaps she should have been holding an eggplant parmigiana sub. Mmm, I want one now.

Anybanks, Tyra is all bullshits and giggleless giggles because Tyra says, “I think all supermodels now are losing out to celebrities. It’s celebrities getting all the cosmetics contracts.”

Oh no she just did not! Tyra, oh my Tyra, being a supermodel is a made up title similar to “Christian” or “good.” Nobody is any of those things. And perhaps you’re just losing out on some of these contracts because you’re forgetting how to model. See above pictures. Tyra may teach “smiling with your eyes 101” but she’s failing to really connect with the camera in these shots. So….did I convince you I knew what I was talking about? Oh I don’t care how Tyra photographs. She’ll always be tits on a stick to me. Pip pip!


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