Tyra’s Boyfriend is 50, 50 Years Old

Tyra’s boyfriend is 50, 50 years old. He likes to kick, stretch, and kick. He’s 50! Tyra was at the BET Honors, in which she had some pigeon feather lining her rack and Splash News is claiming that this dude pictured above is actually her boyfriend. He’s a banker named John Utendahl. Now I don’t care about any of this, however, Tyra is relentless on her mission towards becoming America’s Next Top Oprah. This guy Stedman for sure. All Tyrq needs now is her own personal “Gayle” an she’ll be good to go. Oh, actually she’ll also need about an extra $1 billion and then she’ll reach Oprah status.

Anyway, Tyra was honored for basically just being Tyra. I didn’t see the show although I believe Tyra won the following awards:

Best Adaptation of Smiling With Your Eyes
How to be Hoochie, Yet Making it Fashion
Best Appreciation of Tyra in a Tyra Banks Show (both Reality and Talk Show)

What an honor indeed. While Tyra was on the red carpet she gave up some information saying that she gained 10 pounds but it’s the perfect time to “eat whatever you want” without feeling guilty. I assume she then told the report to kiss her fat ass.

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