Tyra Works Harder Than You

Dressing aspiring average looking models in unitards so that their cameltoe is fully exposed is harder than it looks. Trust me. I’ve been trying that for years. And, after all of the seasons of America’s Next Top Model under her snugly fitting belt, Tyra has another honor bestowed unto her. According to Contact Music Tyra has been voted “Hardest Working Person in Showbusiness.” You know she had both “The J’s” hitting refresh on their bedazzled blackberries after ever time they voted.

Tyra beat out Ryan Seacrest, Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx, Heidi Klum, Diddy, and your mother. Seriously, is this for real? That’s it. Starting tomorrow I am coming up with my own online poll. I’m excited. Check back tomorrow and vote and by “vote” I mean continue to not leave a comment. Ungrateful son of a……..


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