Tyra Has a Stalker That’s Worse Than Me!

I’m pissed. I’ve been stalking Tyra since I’ve been in NYC and even got as close as running into Nigel Barker at a GQ event last September, but apparently that’s not good enough to get a fancy restraining order against me. Tyra’s stalker, Brady Green (made up name?) who is 37 was arrested for being all 6’s and 7’s and charged with stalking, harassment, and criminal trespassing. Ho-hum. Green allegedly called Tyra constantly for months, sent her letters, flowers, and even tried to visit her at her studio.

Really? That’s it? I bet it was just some guy who bumped into her and was like, “Hi Tyra” and she was like, “He wants me, he won’t leave me alone.” If only she spent time with him things could have been different. Perhaps teach him to smile with his eyes and how to “be hoochie but making it fashion.” Tyra can cure if only she made the time. Selfish.

Well at least this guy isn’t competition for me anymore. Now I should have a clear path into finding Tyra and putting her in a headlock and taking a picture with her as I’ve always wanted. I’ll see you soon. Sleep well my Tyra baby.

Source It Up Ty Ty!

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