Tyra Claus is Coming to Town!

On Dasher on Dancer on Tyra and Tyra, on Tyra and Tyra, and Donner and Tyra! Tyra Claus is coming to town and I am psyched. I love me some crazies and couple that with a ginormous woman and you got yourself a recipe for a win-win situation. Tyra Banks was in NYC yesterday where her daytime talk show (The Tyra Banks Show) and her reality show (America’s Next Top Model with Tyra Banks) will be moving. It’s just like Tyra to sneak into the city low key without anyone even really noticing her. I mean, they hardly noticed her on top of a double-decker bus holding a I “Heart” NY t-shirt and screaming at the top of her lungs through a megaphone. People hardly even flinched when she stood on at the corner directly in the middle of Times Square and handed out newspapers. I won’t lie, I could have sworn I felt my building shake.

I might as well add Tyra to my list of “Those I Will Stalk While in NYC.” Hmm, maybe she needs a personal assistant. Perhaps I could brush her wig? Welcome to the city Tyra! You’re somewhat sane here!
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