Tyra Banks. YouTube. Horror. Shock.

I can honestly say that after watching this YouTube clip of Tyra Banks I was frozen in shock and horror. Tyra takes the time to literally spell out what each letter of “YouTube” stands for and no one can be shocked that the “t” in “youtube” stands for “Tyra.” Go figure!? She also messes up the umbrella song.
I need people to please keep in mind that Tyra Banks is rich. Tyra Banks is famous. Tyra Banks makes lots and lots of money being creative and has her own talk show. Talk show! And this is the crap that she comes up with? I’ve been working my ass off on this ghetto blog and am locked in a halfway house typing away morning, noon, and night and still won’t get to a level of Tyra Banks.
Anyway, God bless Tyra. By the time she has a stoke no one will even realize it. Lucky.
P.S. Tyra
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