Tyra Banks Poised to Steal Your Invention


As you may know I have shot over 1 scene for the Tyra Banks Show.  I shot 2.  Are you judging me?  Are you paying my bills?  You know don’t me!  You don’t know me! You aint gots nuthin’ on me!  Oh no you didn’t.  Oh no you don’t.  Oh no you just did not!  Sorry, I’m done.  I recently received this Tyra casting notice in my electronic mail account (or “email” as “the kids” call it).

Now Casting: Do You Have an Invention You Want Trya to Make?

Do you live in NY, NJ, or CT and have an invention you want Tyra to make? If you have drawings or mini models  of a mock invention you want Tyra to make, please respond ASAP.

Uh. Huh?  If you think that I’m going to share with Tyra my mini model that I crafted of a 12 inch Tyra doll who teaches young children to “smile with their eyes” and “act a hoochie, but make it fashion” you got another thing coming!  I, personally, am especially proud of the patent-pending feature in which you pull Tyra’s hand and she starts asking your child fun questions….and then she pauses for 4 seconds while your child starts to answer and then her volume goes up 10 notches and she interrupts your child and answers her own question and tells a story about her own childhood and growing up in the fashion industry.

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