Tyra Banks Drags It Up At the PGAs

Uh, I just got my Tyra Mail and it told me that Tyra was a man baby, yeah! I can’t tell what the deal with Tyra is. I feel like when she was a bit younger she seemed way hotter. Now that she gave up being a supermodel it seems like she is a big transvestite….not that I judge. Tyra was all uncomfortably big smiles while she was on the red carpet at the Producers Guild Awards on Saturday night. Speaking of the “red carpet” something tells me that Tyra’s carpet does not match the drapes if ya know what I mean…and I think ya do. Is that technically a fright wig? Oh, and technically is that wig white, grey, and blond?
In other Tyra Banks news, the next season of America’s Next Top Model will premiere on February 28th at 8pm. While it is in its 8th season and they are going to try to freshen it up you can definitely count on one thing, it will be all about Tyra. There will be Tyra pictures on the wall, and pranks pulled on the models by Tyra, and Tyra mail, and Tyra judging, and examples of how a supermodel should act like Tyra, and how the models should be able to speak like Tyra, and we’ll get to hear stories about Tyra’s struggles by both Tyra and Tyra’s mother, and the models will be brought to a foreign country by Tyra and will be told by Tyra that they’re going and in only a way that Tyra knows how to do it (by putting on a skit that is acted out by Tyra). Oh, and the girls will cry when their hair is cut to short and they will be eliminated because of their “un-Tyra-like behavior.” So, just in case you miss the new season because you are watching American Idol instead I now have you fully caught up.
I can’t promise anything, but I have been approached by someone who is a freelance writer and fan of America’s Next Top Model who just might want to do a weekly recap of the show and post it right here at IBBB. Now wouldn’t that be a real treat? ANTM and IBBB. World domination.
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