Tyra Wants You to Tell Her How Much You Like Tyra, What Your Favorite Tyra Episode Was, and Just Talk About Tyra. You In? Tyra. Oh, and Tyra. Tyra.


Do you love Tyra?  Doesn’t matter.  Tyra wants you to love Tyra.  Scratch that.  Tyra requires by new legislation that you love Tyra.  I love getting Tyra casting notices.  The topics are always great.  This time, however I think we hit “tilt” on the “Ego-o-Meter.”  Tyra is looking for those who love Tyra and will come on Tyra’s final show to talk about…you guessed it….TYRA!  They want to know times when Tyra made you laugh, when Tyra made you cry, when Tyra changed your life, what you will always remember about the Tyra Show, etc.  In a nutshell, they’re going to need you to kiss Tyra’s a** for about 44 minutes of taping.  So who’s in?

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