I Dream of Tyra

Tyra. The woman who once said, “Modeling is looking hoochie, but making it fashion” is now on the cover of New York Times Magazine this weekend. Tyra. I couldn’t be happier as anything “Tyra” typically brings a smile to my mouth and eyes. Tyra. You’ll have to pick up the latest copy, but from what was sent over to me from some random PR agency is that Tyra discusses such things has herself, Tyra, Tyra herself, all sorts of smiles, all sorts of Tyra smiles, Tyra, and my favorite the fact that like her hero, Martha Stewart, Tyra wants people to immediately think of a distinct point of view when hearing her name….which is ‘girly TV with a punch.’ Tyra. Oh, and Tyra.

Tyra. When I hear Tyra’s name I immediately think of many distinct bad accents from various distinctly bad episodes of America’s Next Top Model. Tyra.

Tyra. So pick up a copy of Tyra’s magazine this weekend or just lift up your nearest homeless person and remove it from under their head. They should be using newspapers as pillows….not magazines. Tyra!
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