America’s Next Top Model: The Makeover

Resident America’s Next Top Model writer for ImBringingBloggingBack, Jenny, is back for a third week sharing her feelings with what took place in this episode and how ANTM is single-handedly bringing back the “z-snap!” Here’s Jenny….

Week three kicks off with the best episode of the season…the make-over episode. It does not disappoint, as it consists of it’s typical “girls crying their eyes out over their new hair-dos.”

  • Tyra does an awesome acting job, showing up in her pajamas and curlers…pretending they aren’t doing the makeover show. Phew, for a minute I actually believed her. She really got me! Whatever. She takes her acting to a whole new level when she falls down screaming and crying as they fake cut her hair. I hope she sends this clip in to the Academy. Or to the mental institution. Either way, she’s a shoe in.
  • Miss Jay gets a makeover of his own. He “flat-irons” his hair. Wicked pretty. Yeah, that’s right I said wicked.
  • One chick painfully spends EIGHT HOURS getting her hair braided, only for Tyra to decide that it “just isn’t working for her.” She makes them take it all out and cut the chick’s hair into a “boys regular.” If I was her, I would be so pissed at Tyra that I would punish her, by forcing her to get through an entire day without talking about herself.
  • “Nana chick” keeps crying through the whole episode because her hair hurts. Really? Hair hurts? I guess. Well, at least they gave her some extensions and made her less “nana-like.”
  • Ex-Nana wins the challenge and chooses two boys to share in the prize with her. Oh wait…that’s Jael and Sara. Damn boys regulars!
  • I am shocked to learn that ex-nana is only 21.
  • It’s photo shoot time and this week the girls dress up like ice-cream desserts. Seriously, where do they get this stuff? Does Tyra drop acid before bed and just use whatever she dreamed about the night before? I mean. one chick had 6 marshmallows tooth-picked to her hair.
  • During the judging, Tyra schools us on culture. Tyra says she is showing us culture when she says “Girl, you better work it….you look all hoochie!” She Z-snaps when she is saying this. Really? What culture is that?
  • Also, ANTM is single handedly bringing back the Z-Snap and I am pissed that I didn’t think of this first. I am going to bring back “Homey don’t play that!”
  • Blah, blah, blah Cassandra gets the boot this week. At least she got a free makeover. My favorite episode of the season has come to and end. Oh well. At least nana has kinda been “de-nanafied.”
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