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Jenny, the IBBB resident America’s Next Top Model recapper may have missed last weeks episode due to a high intensity rehab program, but she’s back this week to recap the “recap episode.” Let’s see what Jenny had to say:

This week marks ANTM’s re-cap episode. This annoys me. I already know what has happened up until this point. Why do you have to tell me again? Anyhoo, I digress. While sitting through this boring re-cap, some observations:

  • Looking back on the earlier episodes, I realize that Natasha looks better as a blond. Also, I am up in arms that I even cared enough to notice this.
  • Jaslene is so thin, I am afraid that Sally Struthers may see ANTM and send her food.
  • Jaslene is also a little crazy. I don’t even think her own imaginary friends would play with her.
  • Natasha has a wisdom tooth extracted without medication. I watch in horror….I find this to be alarming. I mean this is why they have medication…to help you through a painful experience, such as tooth extraction or the ANTM re-cap.
  • I am getting really bored, so I flip to American Idol. That is even worse, so I flip back to find Jael displaying her extraordinary hula hoop talent. Riveting.
  • It’s good to see Benny Ninja again. Not because I like him, but because I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing the first time that episode aired. Yep…this guy really does exist. I still don’t understand.
  • During one of the “never before seen clips”, we learn that the girls live like pigs. Really…it is disgusting. I haven’t seen filth like that since my college days. And those kids used to pee in jugs and throw them out the third floor windows.
  • The girls get to imitate the judging panel. It is not funny at all, but I think it is supposed to be. Pasquale from IBBB is way funnier.Well, at least we got to see Tyra dressed up as a kangaroo again.
  • Hopefully I will be out of my boredom coma in time for next week’s episode. G’Day!
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