Tori Spelling: Weebles Wobble, But They Don’t Fall Down

So is Tori Spelling 12 months or 13 months pregnant now? I’m not sure how all that works. She may have given birth already and just having the new baby live inside her. If it’s good enough for the kangaroos it’s good enough for the Spelling’s. Anydonna, Tori Spelling and her wife (Dean), headed out with their son (David Silver) to Pink’s Hot Dogs (The Peach Pit) to see how Kelli, Brenda, Brandon, and Dylan (the paparazzi) are all doing. It wasn’t long before Tori fed her son some of her hot dog (gave her husband some of her money) and a few pictures were secretly snapped (strategically planned out and paparazzi were called in advance) and they jumped (wobbled) into their car (ghetto SUV) to head home (to sell out more).
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