Tori Spelling: Reasons I Like Her

Seldom to I discuss celebrities that I like, but every now and then one slips through the cracks and warms up my blackened, burnt, and tiny heart. After seeing Donna Martin everywhere lately in the “news” it really got me to thinking….this sick bastard isn’t so bad after all. Here’s why I discovered that I actually kinda like Tori Spelling. Tori has just finished writing a book and is using her pregnant time to promote the piss out of her it. Hmmm, is that selling out? I admire that, really. Speaking of her book, Tori talks about her plastic surgery saying:

“If I knew the styles were going to be the way they are now, I wouldn’t have gotten my boobs done in the ’90s. The clothes now wear so much better when you’re smaller. In the ’90s it was all about big boobs in halter tops.”

Ahhhh, big boobs in halter tops. Brilliant. As a side note, if I ever started a band the name of the group would absolutely be, “Big Boobs in Halter Tops.” Thanks Tori!

Next up, Tori discusses how she delicately broke the news to her first husband that she was leaving him. Here’s how that went down:

“I told him that I’d never been in love with him. I loved him and he’d been a friend to me, but I married him because he was a great guy, a guy who took care of me. Charlie didn’t want to hear it. He kept saying, “Where’s all this coming from? We have a perfect relationship.” Then he turned to me. “Did you cheat on me?” I said yes. He said, “It was with Dean, wasn’t it?” I said yes. He said, “I should have known.”

Awww that’s sweet. I guess no reason to beat about the bush. “Hi honey, wanna order out for dinner tonight?” “Sure and, oh, I never loved you. Let’s do Sushi!”

Tori also talks about the crazy reindeer games on the set of 90210, including the pleasant Shannon Doherty. I can only hope there is an entire section dedicated to the episode when Ray Pruitt tossed her down the stairs and, of course, how she felt when Mrs Teasley caught her drunk at the prom and Donna Martin almost didn’t graduate.

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