Tori Spelling FINALLY Back on 90210! Get Ready for Those Stairs, Donna!

No folks, you’re not dreaming. These are actual photos of Donna Martin and Kelly Taylor filming scenes for upcoming episodes of 90210. Between Jamie Walters on that Confessions of a Teen Idol show and Tori Spelling back on 90210 it’s like the Perfect Storm for Donna to get thrown down a flight of stairs. Honestly, I would probably give all of my 401K (which basically totals $11.41) if they would just recreate that scene.

So basically Kelly and Donna are sipping coffee on the porch in this scene. Perhaps, Kelly could say to Donna, “Donna, don’t you love the smell of this coffee?” To which, Donna could EASILY reply, “I’ve lost my sense of smell ever since that time that Ray pushed me down the stairs, remember?” And then they could show an updated scene of that episode. See how easy it is? Oh please oh please let that happen.

P.S, I’m glad Tori is back to work on a legit show. I like how we live in a world where everyone is given a second chance.

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