Tori Spelling Begging for a Job

Tori Spelling basically wants to be in the new 90210 spinoff as badly as I want her to be in the new 90210 spinoff and she’s not afraid to awkwardly beg for it. A lot of people don’t like Tori, but not me. I love her. I mean, not for anything that she does really except that she seems to sellout at any opportunity that she gets and doesn’t apologize for it. I, too, try these same tactics yet am less successful.

Tori was talking with People Magazine and not only stated that she wanted to be in the new 90210 spinoff, which I’m calling “90210 2: The Golden Hills,” but she’s even starting to develop her own character and come up with other ideas. I mean, no one has called her yet to even be a part of the show but she’s clearing her schedule in her mind just in case. Here’s the sTori on what Tori would like. If she doesn’t get it I think 90210 will be hisTORI. Get what I did there? I simply replaced certain words with funny tori-isms the way that Tori did. Tori.

“My dad always wanted to do a new version of 90210, so I’m sure he will be beaming from above!” And I’d love to somehow be a part of it. That as well would make my dad proud!

So what kind of role does she envision for herself?

“Well, I am a mom now, proud to say, but obviously too young to have a teenager, so maybe I could be one of the main character’s young stepmom. Playing the funny sex ed teacher at the high school would be funny, too, considering Donna Martin was America’s most infamous virgin.”

She adds: “The show was a huge part of my life. Ten years! I miss it dearly.”

I suspect that Tori then added: “Please. No really. Please. I don’t want to do reality shows anymore. Please? I’ll even play Violet Bickerstaff again if they bring back Saved By the Bell!”

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