Tori Spelling Baskin Robbins Tumbleweed

Some people like to make fun of Tori Spelling, but not me. I say “More Tori + More Ways to Sellout = 1 Happy Blogger.” What? I use words and math. So what? Anyway, Tori Spelling was at Baskin Robbins in the LA area serving ice cream to pregnant moms because, well, that makes sense. And, of course, was there to capture every live second of the outside of the building and I was there to watch a good 10 minutes of it and capture the scene for you, the readers.
The “event” definitely started off as dead as Aaron, and so I incorporated some fancy tumbleweed into the photos so that you know the place was a ghost town. Thank you Clip Art! However, things started to pick up a little while later when about 4 people came out with ice cream. Two of my favorites were “Happy Ice Cream Blue-Collar Worker” and “Grandma with Cameltoe.” Clearly, these are two of the demographics that both Tori and Baskin Robbins were going after.

Anyway, I look up to Tori as she always finds new and innovative ways to sellout and so do I. If I was in the LA area I would have driven to Baskin Robbins and live blogged while Tori scooped ice cream and patted my head all at the same time. Damn my NYC location. Damn it all to hell!

Part of me wants Tori full-time in the 90210 spinoff and the other part of me never wants her to stop taking odd jobs for publicity. What’s a loser blogger to do?
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