Soggy Tori Spelling Shoots Wet Scenes for 90210 (That Sounded Dirtier Than I Meant It. I'm Keeping It).




All I have to say is that Donna Martin better be running away from Ray Pruit because he tried to throw her down the stairs for the 2nd time and Kelly Taylor is helping Donna by rushing her to an anonymous women’s shelter where they’ll give her a change of clothes, a new cell phone, makeup for her bruises, and a map to her new secret home in Nebraska.  That better be what this scene is about or I’m not going to tune into the new 90210 to watch it.  Who am I kidding?  I’m watching it anyway.

Tori’s looking good these days after she blew her second child straight out of her vagina.  The weight just peaced out of her body.  Good for her.  See how f’n nice I can be?  In other related 90210 news, Shannen Doherty and her spaced-teeth have agreed to sign on for at least one more crapisode.  I hope Kelly, Donna, and Brenda all play “Skeleton’s in the Closet” again.  Maybe they’ll even invite Andrea and she can show up in her nana-flannel-nightgown.  Let’s pray for this.  Let’s pray.

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