I’m Sorry, Tori, What Letter is That Supposed to Be?


Tori Spelling, her husband Dean, and Glee’s Jane Lynch were all backstage at Good Day New York yesterday and it appears Tori got a little confused on which way the “Glee L” was supposed to go.  I guess it makes sense since Donna Martin had a learning disability and all.  And, I guess, with all the steps Donna was thrown down, by Ray Pruit, I’m sure we’re dealing with a little brain trauma as well.  So, yeah, Donna you’re doing just fine.  That’s totally how an “L” looks.  Good for you.  Ok.  All right.  You can sit down now and have a little of your juice box before your nap.  Ok.

Tori and Dean are on a NYC talk show blitz promoting the piss out of their reality show which I believe is called, “Donna Martin Graduates” and telling anyone who will listen that their marriage is not in trouble.

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