I Hate You Both. Never Talk To Me Again!

Dear Santa,

You’ve been reading all of my letters lately and I appreciate that. I’ve been a good boy all year (except for Monday-Fri; Jan-Dec). First you brought back Ant Becky to the 90210 spinoff and then you brought back Kelly Taylor. Now Santa, I hear you are bringing back Donna Martin. Tori Spelling is also set to play a reoccurring role in the show. This, my friends, is what I like to call “a treat.”

Now normally I was holding out for two additional cast members to return: Brenda Walsh and Mrs. Teasley, but now that Donna is back I have to add Ray Pruitt to the list. The thought of seeing a grown up Donna Martin being tossed down a flight of stairs by a grown up Ray Pruitt is almost more than my little blogging brain and absorb. Now if we could just update the old school chant from “Donna Martin Graduates, Donna Martin Graduates” to “Donna Martin Masturbates, Donna Martin Masturbates” they’ll have a life-long fan.

So in closing, Santa, please see what you can do about Brenda, Mrs. Teasley, and Ray Pruitt and I’ll be good alllll year. Thanks!


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