Hey Dean, Enjoying That Downtime Huh?

Remember when you were little and you and your school pals thought you’d “pull one over” on your 3rd grade teacher by putting a whoopie cushion on her chair so that when she sat down it would sound like she farted? Remember how you and your friends planned this all summer long and couldn’t wait for the first day of school so that you could finally execute that plan? Remember how you always had that one friend that backed out at the last minute because he was too scared? Remember how that your plan was kinda cool at the time because you were, you know, like 9 yrs old? Well, if you tried to pull that sort of prank as an adult it would have turned into this….

Tori Spelling’s husband hopped into his Range Rover and headed up to his second home, Robertson Boulevard, and parked it across the street from Lisa Kline with the paparazzi snapping photos. Oh boy, wait for this. Once he got out he helped “Tori” out of the car, but when “Tori” got out “she” looked more like the mother from Psycho. Well, that’s because….wait for it….wait for it….it WASN’T Tori….it was a girl with a blond wig and a fake baby bump! Who in the what!?! Dean’s friend took off the wig, exposed her red hair, and everyone laughed. Score! Dean totally punk’d the paparazzi. So, um, you’re really enjoying your downtime Dean…aren’t ya? Yowza. I’d try to go and do one of those “auditions” that actors typically try to go to. I hear they’re fun.
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