Donna Martin’s Dog Kicks It Hard

Donna Martin’s dog, Mimi LaRue (which I believe is Latin for “Impulse Purchase”) is currently sipping French Vanilla Iced Coffees in hell right now with Satan. First Tim Russert and now this? Hasn’t the American public suffered enough loss for one week?

Mimi LaRue was 11 years old, which is like 102 in Aaron Spelling years, and died of natural causes with the whole family (minus that crazy shit-house rat, Candy) by her side. Tori spoke with People Magazine about this devastation and I’m sure it’ll land her a guest spot on The View. Tori said:
“She was a star and a true lady, and she will be missed greatly. I’m convinced she waited around to make sure I had the daughter I always dreamt about before she left us.”

Uh, Mimi probably waited until you signed on the dotted line for your role as Donna Martin, again, in the new 90210 spinoff. I mean, I know that’s what I’m waiting for before I meet Jesus.

My thoughts, prayers, and old sneakers go out to the Spelling family in their time of need. As a side note, Andrea Zuckerman was unsuccessfully reached for comment.
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