Donna Martin Gives Birth

Donna Martin has given birth to David Silver’s baby! It seems like just yesterday Donna was being tossed down a flight of stairs by her boyfriend Ray on 90210, but fast forward about 10 years and Tori Spelling has given birth to a son, Liam Aaron McDermott, who was 6 pounds, 6 ounces. Even Tori’s mother, Candy, was at the hospital to welcome this kid into his new “billionaire-rich” world. Candy and Tori have mended fences after their year long feud and Candy has told People Magazine, “Words can’t describe the joy and elation I feel at this truly happy event. I am looking forward to doting on my new little grandson and all the memorable fun that comes with it.”

Yeah, well don’t blow it Candy by being a beast. No word yet if Jim and Cindy Walsh will be flying back from Hong Kong to visit the new baby.

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