Donna Looks Like She'll Break When Ray Throws Her Down a Flight


Tori Spelling may have recently just shot a human out of her Wonka Vision, but apparently she’s already lost the baby weight and just in time for her comeback in the new 90210.  Even some of her trademark Donna-Rack-Attack appears to be magically disappearing too.  Tori was snapped at whilst leaving a salon the other day in sunny LA.  I don’t know, you guys, I kinda think that if Donna is going to be thrown down the stairs again by Ray Pruit she’s going to need to gain a few extra pounds and bulk up in order to withstand the fall.  A real actress wouldn’t use a stuntman for this.

Anydonnamartingraduates, Tori returns to 90210 on March 31st (I didn’t even know there were 31 days in March…is that new?) and below is the clip that flashed across my television and gave me hope that one day we may also see Donna and Ray reunite over a set of concrete stairs.  No joke, with my new job I pitched a Donna and Ray reunion.  Didn’t go over so well.  Gulp.  I will get this reunion one day, damn it, I will!


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