90210 is Almost Like 90210. Sweet!

E Online is reporting that all of my dreams are coming true. So we know that Jennie Garth has signed on to the new 90210 spinoff, called 90210, as a recurring character, but did you know that she won’t sign on as a full-time cast member until she sees how the show does? Tori Spelling was supposed to guest star in the show, but now it’s being said that she’s been written in to the pilot. Supposedly, her first cameo will consist of her having a few lines during a shopping trip with some random girls. That crazy Donna.

Next up, after Ian Ziering said in the past that he wants nothing to do with the show, now it seems like he’s changing his tune….probably because he’s Steve Sanders and has nothing else going on. Supposedly both Tori’s and Ian’s “people” have been calling the producers of the show almost every day to see where the situation with the show stands.

We’re also being told that other former cast members of 90210 may be making guest appearances from time to time. PLEASE let that mean it’s going to be Mrs. Teasley!

Finally, it’s been said that none of the original 90210 cast members wanted to be the first to show interest in coming back to the show, but once Jennie Garth did the rest were feeling more comfortable. So everyone should be thanking Kelly Taylor for increasing the chances that Donna will be tossed down a flight of stairs by Ray Pruitt. Thanks Kelly! Hopefully they’ll replace all of the new 90210 kids with all of the old 90210 kids. Perhaps they’ll have a spinoff of a spinoff.

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