Tom and Katie Twin That Shit Out

What’s that saying? Couples who dress alike…..are f’n douche-bags. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s it. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes really brightened things up in all black whilst attending The Country Girl while in New York City this past weekend. Tom does his best shit-eating-grin and Katie does her best to look like a 42 year old mother of 4 who is going out for a special “date night” with her husband who got the night off from working at the factory. Remember when Katie was cool when she was on Dawson’s Creek? Ok, well she wasn’t cool but I thought she was kinda hot in a “I wouldn’t hit on you if you weren’t on TV” kind of way. But now, every time I see her I just think “middle aged mom.” She looks like she’s two steps away from combing her hair up and to the side and putting on one of those green hospital gowns that those Polygamy Sect women in Texas wear.

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