Katie Runs Marathon, Tom Wears Tucked In Turtleneck

Katie Holmes ran the 26-mile New York Marathon, while Tom wore a tucked in turtleneck and waited for Katie to finish. I wonder if Katie is building up her endurance to finally make a run from Tom and Scientology. Forget that, Scientology will always end up finding you no matter where you run and hide.

Bonus points to Katie for almost giving a sneak peek of the cameltoe. Marathon Cameltoe? Could be a first. I’ll look into it. Tom is about a pants size away from showing a little cameltoe himself (shutter). Why are his close always 2 sizes too small? Do people still wear turtlenecks? Do they still tuck them in? Diddler, yes. Real people, not sure.

Sidenote, why didn’t Suri run? She’s so f’n lazy. She at least could have walked the rest of it if she got to tired to run. You KNOW Bindi Sue Irwin would have run it. Way to bring up a real quitter, Tom and Katie. Way to go.

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