Katie Holmes Knocked Up Again, Again?

It wouldn’t be a new month without some new “Is Katie Holmes Pregnant” rumors. Katie Holmes and her elf-life husband, Tom Cruise, took their bowl-cut-sporting daughter, Suri, out for a little America the Beautiful festivities in Colorado and even though they may have tried to take the focus off Katie by placing a couple of American flags into Suri’s head and Tom wearing a cowboy hat, all are looking at that 1 inch space at the bottom of Katie’s sweater that shows some of her robot stomach that isn’t looking as flat as the public would like it. Therefore, people immediately assume she is pregnant. Personally, I say leave her alone and let her live her life! No, I’m totally kidding. I say she’s a little bloated and is trying to drum up some press for her that new Broadway play she’s in, “All My Sons” that isn’t selling well. It would have helped a little more if Katie placed one hand on her stomach and the other hand on her back. Come on, get with it Katie. Whore.


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