I See Your Dead Eyes, Katie Holmes. I See Them.

Tom and Katie may have been enjoying their Sunday at the Red Bull US Moto Grand Prix in Laguna Seca, CA but that doesn’t mean that I’m not doing to see behind those half-tinted sunglasses, Katie Holmes. Seriously, she looks dead. Dead in the eyes and dead in the body. Wasn’t Katie Holmes hot at one point in her life? Isn’t she like only 26? What in the hell happened? She literally seems lifeless. She’s not even fun to look at anymore. Thanks, Tom. At this point I think that it’s unfair that they have earplugs for the noise, but I don’t have a blind fold whilst looking at these pictures. Give me my old Katie back. You know, the Katie that was on Dawson’s Creek that was all whiny and had bad teeth? But at least she had longer hair and didn’t look like she was a walking corpse.


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