Tom Brady to be a Baby Daddy

Uh-oh, someone is knocked up! Looks like Bridget Moynahan is “with child” and the baby daddy is none other than Tom Brady (insert “Brady Bunch” joke here____). Moynahan’s rep has confirmed to Multiple Persons Magazine that she is “with child” and has been for over 3-months. Well, this is just further proof what Moynahan was the reason that we never made it to the Super Bowl this year. Thanks again Bridget.

Tom Brady and Bridget are no longer dating, but Tom has recently been linked to supermodel Gisele. While Tom Brady could not be reached for comment I can imagine he is screaming into a pillow as we speak. Seriously, he lands a supermodel and is now going to be the father of his ex-girlfriend’s baby. That totally is playing the slot machine and getting “cherry, cherry…….skull and cross bones.” Oh well. Best of luck. I’m sure this won’t pose a problem for your relationship with Gisele.

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