Tom Brady: Boston Fan When in Boston

New father to a bastard child, Tom Brady was finally showing his Boston pride while in Boston with girlfriend, Gisele. Strange how Tom wears Yankees hats while in New York. I mean, I don’t want to say “traitor,” but I will. Traitor. Seriously, who’s going to mess with Tom Brady? I’m sure he’ll be fine if he wears his Red Sox hat while in NYC.

Anyway, Tom an Gisele were in the Back Bay of Boston having a little lunch when some paparazzi snapped this picture. Who knew paparazzi were in Boston!? Meanwhile, bad luck Bridget Moynahan is allegedly pretty bitter over Tom not being there during their pregnancy and spending his time with Gisele. Uh, yeah probably because she’s a supermodel and you had gained like 400 pounds. I mean this wasn’t exactly Sophie’s Choice. Bridget did not add “Brady” to the babies name and I guess the time spent in the hospital between Tom and Bridget was awwwwwkkkkwwwward. And so are the days of our lives…

Thanks IBBB reader, Janine, for the heads up on the Boston pic. In thanks, I give you nothing.

Who Claims This!?!
Tom Brady: Boston Fan When in Boston

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