Hey Tom Brady! Hope You’re Having Fun Not Playing Football and Banging Your Supermodel Girlfriend!

Tom Brady and his supermodel girlfriend, Gisele Bundtcake, were hand in hand walking through the streets of New York City yesterday. As you know, Tom Brady’s knee is basically being held together with gum, sugar-water, 3 popsicle sticks, and hope. Therefore, he’s out of commission for the entire Patriot’s season. Oh don’t worry, we’re doing fine. Gulp.

Being originally from Boston many people have asked me if I’m pissed at Tom Brady for missing out on the season. Pissed? No. Nervous? Sure. Ready to jump off the bandwagon? Never. Keep in mind the Pats sucked for good 2,054 years before they ever actually got good. Even though Brady doesn’t get to play I am still jealous of him as he is still rich and able to bang his supermodel girlfriend on a regular basis now. Brady is still winning in the end, football or no football.


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