You Know What? I Don’t Want to See the Slaughtered Cow on the Wall, Why Would I Want to See This?

Unless this is their obituary photo, I don’t want to see it. Heidi and Steve Sanders, from The Hills, are now hanging from the wall at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant, “Cut.” It’s not as promising as it sounds. Their pictures are hanging there, not them themselves. Ugh. Better luck next time. Seriously the last thing I would want to see as I’m stuffing my fat face is Heidi’s chin looking at me or Steve Sanders creepy wife-beater eyes watching my every move. I am, however, pleasantly surprised that Heidi has almost completed her transformation into a cartoon duck. So that’s the upside.

Correct me if I’m wrong (no, don’t) but I believe it was one of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants that exposed a bunch of celebrities to Hep A. Yes? No? The answer is “yes.” Mmmmm Heidi and Steve Sanders on the wall AND a shot at getting Hep A? When’s my reservation!?

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