Yay! A Heidi Spencer Murder Suicide?!

Alarming statistics show that those who own guns are 55% more likely to have an accidental deadly shooting in their own home than those who don’t own guns. Well if Heidi owns a gun and Spencer owns a gun, isn’t that like an over 100% chance that these two clowns are going to “accidentally” kill each other? Oh please, oh please! I hope when they play “murder suicide” they film it for The Hills Season 4. Oh wouldn’t that be great! They can leave Lauren a note that says something haunting like “You drove us to do this after watching your ‘alleged’ sex tape.” Maybe Heidi can even staple that note to her forehead. Oh, or nose! Well a blogger can dream at least.

Heidi and Steve Sanders were all scripted business when they took their scripted guns and went to the scripted firing range and scriptedly called the paparazzi to take some scripted photos of their scripted time spent shooting their scripted guns and taking very awkward, yet scripted, poses with said scripted guns. Sadly they were trying to look scriptedly tough, but kinda came across looking like Charlie’s Angels.

For someone who got their nose fixed you’d think Heidi’s safety goggles would sit on her face a little straighter. Hahah I said, “sit on her face.” Ok, well happy shooting you two! Shoot often and take chances!


Who Shot Heidi and Spencer!?

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