Who the Hell Tried to Kidnap Enzo?


I swear to God if they hurt Enzo in any way I swear to God someone will pay.  I’m kidding, they can sell him on the black market.  I dont’ care.  Although, Enzo was the first person I thought of when TMZ reported that someone placed a 911 call at Heidi and Spencer’s house of horror (aka Case de Chin) to report a possible kidnapping.  I mean, I thought of him first because there’s no way anyone was kidnapping any talent from that house.  Hey-oh!

Allegedly/whocaresedly, an unidentified person (Heidi or Spencer) called 911 to report that someone was being taken out of a car with their head in a pillowcase and rushed into the house.  Head in a pillowcase?  FINALLY my letter writing campaign to Holly Montag is finally being taken seriously!

Well not to burst your scripted bubble, but in the end the po-po told TMZ that no crime was committed (with the exception of terrible acting), but someone did see what appeared to be a kidnapping.  Although, it wasn’t one.  So while the story is a bust (pun sorta intended) I did get to do some crafty photoshopping with Enzo being lead into a van with a puppy and some candy and, well, that’s a dream come true.

Watch The Hills!  I guess.

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