Whitney Needs “The Hills” Back On, STAT!

Uh-oh! The Hills new season can’t air fast enough for poor little Whitney. My favorite sidekick was trying to get into club/bar, Villa, in LA the other night but had to plead with the doorman to let her crazy ass in for 10 minutes. Lauren Conrad and Audrina “Teefs” Patridge made it into the club without a problem, but what makes this even worse is that even Lo got in with no trouble either. Why must Whitney suffer this way? I bet if she had Lisa Loveless on her arm they would have rolled out the red carpet for her! Hopefully Whitney gave the doorman one of her “coffee mug sayings” pep talks like she typically would give Lauren while they were in the office. Oh, and hopefully she looked up a lot too with her mouth slightly ajar.
E! Online caught up with these crazy cats and Lauren gave up the goods that she wasn’t wearing anything from her new clothing line that night and good friend, Audrina, informed E! that she has yet to wear any of Lauren’s new clothes. That’s great support! I bet if Lauren was selling her own brand of Crest White Strips Audrina would be all over that. I know I would be.
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