Watching Them Film Scenes For “The Hills” is More Interesting Than Actually Watching “The Hills”


Teefs Pats, Raspy Coke Voice, and Boobs-Bot all were recently spotted at Villa Blanca restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA the other day filming new and exciting scenes for the upcoming season of “The Hills.”  Well, they were filming scenes.  The “excitement” part lies within the rack of Teefs Pats.  I have a feeling this is pretty much what the dialogue was like:

Heidi:  “Oh my God!  Uh-Drina, Kristen?  I didn’t know you guys were going to be here!”
Audrina:  “Hey Heidi.  Justin Bobby.  Justin Bobby.  Justin Bobby.  Justin Bobby?  Justin Bobby.  And, Justin Bobby.”
Kristin: “Ohmygod, like, whatever-and-like-so-over-it.  Dude, so done dude.  Audrina.  Dude, so like, Audrina.  Heidi can you believe Audrina and dude so done.  Justin Bobby? Ha, right!  Later dude and Audrina whatever, so dude, what.”

Then the director yelled “cut” and everyone got handed their paycheck, except Heidi who now requires two current valid forms of identification in order to collect her check.

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