Uh Oh! Whitney Forgot Her Bra!

Ruh-Ro Rorge! What is Whitney doinK? First Audrina flashed her rack-attack and next thinK you know, Whitney Port, from The Hills, heads out for a little lunch at The Ivy and forgets to wear her bra. Luckily hardly anyone, especially the paparazzi, take pictures at The Ivy so I’m sure no one even noticed. Whitney ate up a storm and never noticed once that she was basically tits to the wind. I say “good for her.” If they used some of this footage on The Hills, perhaps season 4 would be even better than season 3: part 2.

If I was sitting at The Ivy and saw Whitney with her rack hanginK out I would have asked to take a picture with it. Then I would have asked it for advice. Then I would have asked for her boob to autograph my forehead. Then I would have quietly gone with the police without putting up a fight and waited for my arraignment.

Click Here to check out Whitney without a little gnome covering her boob, you perverts!
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