The Hills Season 4 a Go!

Praise Montag. The Hills, Season 4, is going to happen after all according to In Touch Weekly. Thank Christ. I’m saved! There is no word yet on when it will air, but hopefully we won’t need to wait until the summer to see what happens to these wonderful douche-bags. There is also no word yet on what the theme of Season 4 will be, but I have a few guesses. I’d assume that we would follow a sub-plot of what happened to Heidi’s old nose. Did it move out of LA and head back to Heidi’s childhood home in Colorado to be with her horse once and for all? Will Audrina’s obsession for teeth whitening finally be exposed via a hidden camera plot that incorporates an NBC Dateline investigation? Will Lisa Loveless finally find true love with Whitney? Will Whitney continue providing everyone with her innovative Hallmark card advice? Will Steve Sanders ever finish the books he’s reading on the same spot on the couch that he sits on in every episode? And finally, what in the hell ever happened to Lauren’s friend Jill? Was she just a hologram? Stay tuned!

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The Hills Season 4 a Go!

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