The Hills Reunion. Thanks 2010!


So far 2010 is turning out to be a real mind crowd pleaser for me.  First, the world did not, in fact, implode as I was pretty sure it would and, second, my eyes get to witness a mini Hills reunion of sorts.  Celebrating the New Year at Beso in Hollywood were some Hills favorites together once again like Lo Bosworth, the new face of Stephanie Pratt, and Lauren Conrad and the ghost of her mustache! 

Now I know I will get a ton of crap for this, as I seem to tee-off on Steph Pratt on a weekly basis, but she’s looking pretty good in this photo.  I mean once you get down to her leg region she looks like she’ll shatter into pieces if her cell phone vibrates in her pocket, but still, she looks good.  I mean, not healthy, but good.  I mean the camera adds 10 pounds so you can only imagine what she would look like in person, but good.  I mean, the lighting is kinda like the lighting they use on Barbara Walters during her pre-Oscar interviews, but still…good.  I mean Lauren’s Cheshire Cat grin is distracting me a little from really focusing on Stephanie, but still good.  I mean, that bruise on Lo’s upper thigh is a little distracting too, but still good.  See?  I can be nice in the new year.

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