The Hills: Heidi’s Wedding is Canceled

US Weekly continues their victory tour of blowing all the members of The Hills and featuring each cast member on their cover. Heidi seems to get the most cover action, but I digress (And digest). I must say that I probably got 95 emails yesterday alerting me of the news that The Hills wedding between Heidi and Steve Sanders has been called off. Thanks to all of you for thinking of your friend at IBBB as soon as anything “Hills” related makes news.

Anyway, Heidi has told Us Weekly that she did, in fact, call of the wedding so that she could have more time to think. Although, don’t start hi-fiving eachother yet, Hills fans, because Heidi and Steve Sanders are still together and living in sin. Heidi Montard said, “We’re just going back to being boyfriend and girlfriend.” Steve Sanders threw in his two cents by saying, “…when our relationship was flawless.”

Steve Sanders did apologize though for being a complete douche bag and sucking at life by saying, “I need to accept the fact that Heidi wants her princess wedding and that she is the boss.”
Um, Tony Danza is the boss, Steve. Who’s the Boss will be back in a moment. Stick around.
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