The Hills Goes to Paris

Watch out France, or wherever the hell Paris is, because the girls of The Hills were doing it up at the Le Bal de Debuatantes. I’m almost positive that “Le Bal de Debutantes” is French for “Even the stinky French think The Hills is scripted or at least heavily coached.” Yup, I just checked, that is what that means. Anyway, Lauren and Whitney were at this wonderful event that is also referenced as a showing of some of the worlds most eligible young ladies. Sorry Heidi, since you are not single you weren’t invited. Well, that and the fact that your chin could not make it through customs.

Bonus points for the following: Whitney making a typical “Whitney” face and Lauren for carrying around a Polaroid picture of herself.
Yeah, so who cares basically. I just wanted an opportunity to talk about how psyched I am for tonight’s episode of The Hills where we finally get to see the sister of Steve Sanders. This really is a dream come true. Similar to Michael and Janet Jackson, it will be interesting to see if we are allowed to see Steve Sanders and his sister in the same scene. At this point, I’m thinking that Steve Sanders sister is really just Steve Sanders dressed as a woman.

The Hills Goes to Paris

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