The Hills Gang Back Together

It seems like everyday it’s someones birthday on The Hills and they’re always at LAX to celebrate. Why does LAX and Us Weekly blow The Hills so much? Regardless, the whole gang was there to celebrate Frankie Deltardo’s big birthday with the exception of Heidi and Steve Sanders and, sadly, Whitney. Poor Whitney is never invited to anything. Eh, she’s better off. Anyway, the most important cast of characters were there such as Audrina and Justin Bobby. What a real birthday treat!

Brody Jenner gave Lauren her very own strip tease and Lauren gives the reaction that no guy ever wants to see when he shows a little…..complete disgust and horror. I don’t know why LC is acting all bashful. A little sexy sex will loosen her the F up and hopefully she’s stop trying to control everyones life. Brody was also nice enough to make me spit out my Cheerios as his ass crack is hanging out. Looks like I’ll skip breakfast today.

The other new regulars were there as well. LOser and Sandy Sanders made sure to stop for some photographs. Seeing LOser in black and white stripes made me hopeful that one day she would spend some time in jail. That would spice things up on The Hills. I mean, not that their conversations over ice cream aren’t riveting, but watching LC and Audrina visiting LOser behind bars would surely draw in some extra viewers.

Anyway, happy Birthday Frankie! And you are……..?
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